The Aranhods

Family Symbol: A Griffin

Realm: The Aranhod family make their homes in the branches and trunks of vast trees.

The Le Fays

Family Symbol: A Rose Upon a Bed of Thorns

Realm: The Le Fays live in a palace built into a mountainside.

The Caervohns

Family Symbol: An Elm Tree

Realm: The Caervohns make their homes in the honeycomb root structure of vast elm trees.

The Volenths

Family Symbol: A Mountain

Realm: The Volenth family lives in a system of large, interconnected caves.

The Muirgheals

Family Symbol: A Siren

Realm: The Muirgheals live on floating islands in the middle of the ocean.

The Daeluses

Family Symbol: Crossed Swords

Realm: The Daelus Family live on the golden plains.

The Polenns

Family Symbol: A Serpent

Realm: The Polenn Family live in the desert.

The Laenfalls

Family Symbol: A Raven

Realm: The Laenfalls live in a marsh.

The Evars

Family Symbol: A Sunburst

Realm: The Evar Family live atop mountains, where the air is thin.

The Oranthils

Family Symbol: A Unicorn

Realm: The Orthanils live in the rainforest; they're quiet, reclusive folk.

The Tullochs

Family Symbol: A Bear

Realm: The Tulloch Family live in the hills, and are known best for their brewing and their boisterous nature.

The Rustannars

Family Symbol: A Gyrfalcon

Realm: The Rustannars live on the icy tundra.