Spare Changeling - Out! Loose Changeling - $0.99!

Spare Changeling is finally out and about! Sorry for the delay; it’s been a hectic past couple years for me. I’ve gotten divorced, remarried, and have moved three times. But I can say that I’m very happy with the way this book turned out, and excited to share it with you!

It’s now available on Amazon, and it should be up on the other publishing venues in the next few days.

In honor of its release, Loose Changeling is now available on Amazon for $0.99!

Urban Fantasy Magazine: Review

Urban Fantasy reviewed Loose Changeling, with a fun rating system:

On an arbitrary scale of 90’s pop divas, I give Loose Changeling a full-on Mariah Carey. Mariah released nine albums in those ten years, and I can only hope Andrea Stewart can be as prolific so I can keep reading her books. Mariah Carey’s incredibly smooth voice shows off a wide-range. Sure, the lyrics are nothing too serious or heavy, but boy, does she make singing that well look easy.

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JC's Book Haven: Review

JC's Book Haven reviewed Loose Changeling:

I loved that Nicole Philbin our protagonist is a married 32 year old with a regular crummy job just putting up with daily life. Some of the powers she develops in during the story really had a unique feel to them. Kailen is my type of supporting male character. He kind of has an attitude that his way is the only way until you prove to him another way works. Also the story made sense from a plot point of view.

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Coffee and All Things Random: Review

Coffee and All Things Random reviewed Loose Changeling!

 love how quickly the action gets started, how  soon all the troubles arise and come into place. I  love the flow of the writing and the story, and how  much Nicole's character developed and changed. I  like the mysterious aspects and the danger and the  thrill, and how you get so immersed in the story you  find yourself rooting for Nicole and then realize  you're trying to solve the mysteries as well.

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For Love of Fictional Worlds: Review

A review by the blog "For Love of Fictional Worlds":

How many fantasy books would you have read that has a strong female character but is yet to understand the ways of Adult life. Not that I mind those amazing teenage characters (*cough* Hermoine *cough*), but now that I have a little (by little I mean, minuscule) experience of being an adult, I sometimes need a more mature point of view, even in fantasy genre.

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