"On an arbitrary scale of 90's pop divas, I give Loose Changeling a full-on Mariah Carey." -Urban Fantasy Magazine


Loose Changeling

Nicole always thought she was regular-issue human...until she turns her husband's mistress into a mouse. The next day, Kailen, Fae-for-hire, shows up on her doorstep and drops this bomb: she's a Changeling, a Fae raised among mortals. Oh, and did he mention that her existence is illegal?


Loose Changeling is the first book in the Changeling Wars urban fantasy series. Read sample chapters, or check out reviews from readers like you.


Changeling on the Job

Nicole's only been appointed as a legal Changeling for one month when the complaints all over town about souring milk grow louder. This seems the harmless prank of idle sprites, but when Nicole’s sleuthing leads her to a mortal man locked in a trunk, marked for sacrifice, she catches a whiff of something more sinister.


Changeling on the Job is a novella set in the Changeling Wars urban fantasy series.

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Spare Changeling

Nicole's life has finally wound down to normal--or, at least, as normal as life could be for a Changeling. Sure, her Fae hound roommate could be nicer, and she could use a part-time job to pay some bills, but she's closing the doorways between the worlds. She's got things under control.

Until she's framed for the murder of a Fae King.

Spare Changeling is the second book in the Changeling Wars urban fantasy series.